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Multi-Use Practice Tunnels

Practice batting, pitching, and fielding at your own pace!

Seven multi-use practice tunnels available.

Each tunnel is 71 feet long, 15 feet wide and 26 feet high, allowing for greater ball travel.

Equipped with an adjustable Pitching Machine, L-Screen (for live batting practice or hand toss), and Pitching Mound.

Suitable for individual or team pitching and hitting needs.

Retractable netting for multiuse fielding.

Batting Cages at Extra Innings

Iron Mike™ Pitching Machine - Allows You to Practice When No One Else is Around.

Iron Mike™ Pitching Machine - Allows You to Practice When No One Else is Around. Extra Innings offers three Iron Mike Pitching Machines for its customers. The Iron Mike’s arm-style action provides the most realistic batting cage experience because with each pitch you see the machine’s arm wind up and release of the ball. The realistic nature of the machine allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you use on the field.

Half Hour Rental $25
Full Hour Rental $40
(all one-hour)
4 Tunnels $145
5 Tunnels $175
7 Tunnels $235
Quarter Hour Rental $17.50
Half Hour Rental $30
Full Hour Rental $45
12 Athletes - (all one-hour)
Gym - Full Hour $50
Gym - with Tunnel Rental $30
Additional Athletes (12+) $5 each

Cages are available year-round on a walk-in basis during standard hours of operation, however reservations are strongly recommended.

For more info or to book your tunnel, call 410-665-6789 today!

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