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Increase your bat speed, or throwing power with a strength & conditioning session!

Extra Innings knows that a slow bat is a bad bat, and a weak arm will have a hard time throwing strikes. That's why our instructors work with players to focus on the proper strength and conditioning to develop power and avoid injuries.

Register today for a session with one of our Next Level Sports Performance trainers to receive hands-on training from professional certified strength and conditioning coaches!

At Next Level Sports Performance we train athletes to prepare them for the demand of sports competition. Each athlete will go through a specific testing program for their sport to determine the area of performance where improvement is needed to be a successful athlete within their sport. Athletes will receive hands-on training from professional certified strength and conditioning coaches in an encouraging and motivating environment.

A progressive training program for each athlete will focus on two areas of performance:

Injury Prevention: to reduce the risk of injury through dynamic mobility and flexibility exercises

Performance Enhancement: to improve attributes such as speed, strength, agility, and power.

Speed, Agility, Strength & Power. These are the major areas of athletic development every athlete playing sport should want to improve, according to Coach Parkes, Head Sports Performance Coach of Next Level Sports Performance in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only are these important for performance enhancement, but they aid in the prevention of injury and the recovery process during post training and competition phases.

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